Are ticci toby and clockwork dating

She was dating Toby Hemingway when she was doing the "Mine" music video. What happends to Toby in Pretty Little Liars? Trying to think of a non-insulting word from that, but I can't. He eventually couldn't ignore the voices anymore and has a complete mental breakdown. Are ticci toby and clockwork dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

One other piece of confusion is part of the Creepypasta World theory, which stipulates all creepypasta characters actually exist in one singular universe.

This is because Hoody and Masky are not creepypasta. By definition, a creepypasta is essentially an internet horror story, whereas Hoody and Masky were characters created for a YouTube show. They were never written in a story prior to this, and are copyrighted characters just like Toby, so they cannot be written without permission from Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, and Tim Sutton.

Any creepypasta stories involving Brian and Hoody are not only non-canon, but totally fake, just like any spinoff creepypasta of Ticci-Toby. This is a point of confusion for most people in the Toby fandom, which mainly stems from confusion as to how Are ticci toby and clockwork dating Man canon works.

A Slender Man story is typically regarded as canon or not on an individual basis, but as a mythos overall, stories that are canon are typically only accepted as canon once the mythos has come to accept it as either a fundamental aspect of the Slender Man, or the world Slender Man embodies.

Furthermore, most works involving characters interacting with Slender Man often have very limited storytelling, and tarte tartelette die out. From a surgist point of are ticci toby and clockwork dating, Toby would be an unacceptable part of the mythos, as Surgists do not tend to believe in the concept of proxies as a canon aspect.


One major problem is that Slender Man is attributed under a creative commons, allowing for use of him in everything save for commercial products that are released without the permission of Eric "Victor Surge" Knudsen. Ticci-Toby, however is a copyrighted character belonging to Kastoway, who used Toby in only one story and has distanced himself from his creation altogether.

As such, Toby is a dropped concept, and is non-canon. He exists in only one story and will not be used in any further stories.


On Friday, December 14th,Kastoway wrote the following after a series of arguments regarding Toby being shipped with other Creepypasta characters. The post was titled " Creepypasta Fandom, Please Read".

Not be able to taste anything ever again? Did u know Grinny has a Twin? Do u like Surrender To The People?

If slenderman, Nina the killer, EJ, Ticci Toby, Clockwork, Ben, Sally texted eachother

Grinny has a twin! People say your dating Clockwork, is that true? Will you marry me? I don't know how are ticci toby and clockwork dating feels about marriage but I can always be your friend :3 Q. Whats your favorite movie? A, Schiznophrenia, Tourette Syndrome and P.

D, which made him hard for him to fit in. He was mostly picked on by his Tics, he was somehow also born with light grey skin and that lead him to do homeschooling. But that was the worst choice his family made because, after a while, his father lost himself to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. His sister, Lyra, and his mother helped him through this, but everything changed when he was seventeen.

Toby and Lyra were going somewhere, until a car hit their car, killing Lyra in the impact. After Toby left the hospital, he started best dating sim less social, not eating, and slowly losing his memories. It dosnt mean anything.

My words all just are empty to you. Yet in a way these words do matter. No matter how little they mean to you. I was so ignorant and vengleful. I just wanted things to clear up. I wanted to start new and get a fresh start with a clean slate.

I thought i could win.


I lied. I just sat down ddodled shit on a screen with little to no care whatsoever. I didnt try. I just sat there looked at it and being full of myself said "Its good enough" or "Its dosnt matter,its just for fun.

Im sorry i bombarded you with vent art abo. Leave her alone ive noticed you are still replying to are ticci toby and clockwork dating freinds comments.

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Are ticci toby and clockwork dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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