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Since then, they've been spotted a few times being adorable together, but they haven't really talked about their relationship. During their time together, Pattinson was accused of hooking up with Caitlin Cronenberg. As messy as their relationship and breakup were, we never thought we'd see these two back together again following their split. And it wasn't just Pattinson's family, apparently. Latest news on robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Reports have it that the Twilight actor decided to end his romance with the year-old American actress after he, allegedly, caught her cheating with director Rupert Sanders. Because of this, devoted supporters of the two bankable stars believe that they have not been on speaking terms since their split.

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Recently, Robert Pattinson made a statement that pleased fans. In an interview, the Twilight actor confirmed that there is no bad blood between him and Kristen Stewart. Ultimately, it was like, 'Either we move past this or we don't. The source added that their argument spiraled out of control, and they began bickering "about the cheating, about how selfish she always is, about how moody she always is.

At the time, the insider had hopes that Pattinson and Stewart would reconcile and give their love another shot, but considering how much they were reportedly arguing in the wake of Stewart's indiscretion, ending their relationship was the right decision. Because he just couldn't forgive and forget, Pattinson was reportedly in an intense state of paranoia as their relationship headed toward the point of no return. How do I know you are telling the truth?

Robert Pattinson is worried about Kristen Stewart - Positive

What else have you lied about? Her cheating basically opened other doors in their relationship of what they didn't like of each other. Two wrongs don't make a right, so Kristen Stewart's cheating doesn't excuse Robert Pattinson's, but he may not have been too innocent during their relationship, either.

The truth behind Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's breakup

During their time together, Pattinson was accused of hooking up with Caitlin Cronenberg. The publication insisted that he and Caitlin were just friends, but we're not sure what to believe at this point.

Robert Pattinson's family wasn't too keen on K-Stew after the cheating scandal. Insiders claimed Pattinson's sisters were "disgusted by Kristen," and that they held onto their resentment towards her for months after her fling with director Rupert Sanders.

And it wasn't just Pattinson's family, apparently.


The source revealed, "Katy has told Rob that she thinks it's a really, really bad idea for him to reunite with Kristen.

Katy warned him that Kristen will end up hurting him again. Since the breakup, Kristen Stewart has been vocal about how much she hated fans' attention on her relationship with Robert Pattinson — despite telling the Today show via Us Weekly how much she loves to "keep 'em guessing. I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity and peddled around the world.

You're making my relationship something that it's not. Robert Pattinson is usually very secretive about his romantic life.


Not only did Pattinson reveal that he is on good terms with his exes, but he also explained why he refuses to discuss romance in public. Pattinson, who is usually mum latest news on robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating it comes to his personal life, was recently asked about his relationships with Stewart and Twigs. According to Ellethe actor did not go into great detail about his relationship with his two exes, but he did admit that he is on good terms with both of them.

Past relationships aside, Pattinson was also asked about his current girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse. Pattinson once again kept the details slim but explained why he chooses to keep things private. The actor believes that letting the public in basically ruins relationships because the lines between performance and true love get blurred.

After their breakup, Robert began dating FKA twigs until they split in Elite Daily reached out to Suki and Robert's teams for confirmation on their reported relationship but did not hear back by the time of publication. Well, in a recent interview with The TimesRobert revealed where he stands with his exes. When asked if Robert was on good terms with them, he kept his answer short and sweet — in true Robert form, considering he often tends to keep his private life pretty low-key.

He replied, "Yes, yes," which makes sense when you remember that he and Kristen were spotted hanging out in JuneE! News reported at the time.

Latest news on robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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