Liza koshy and david dobrik still dating

So, is David Dobrik dating Natalie? So proud of everything this girl has accomplished in so little time. David told her not worry. Liza koshy and david dobrik still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Proof Liza Koshy And David Dobrik Are Back Together

I decided we should break up. We are very lucky to receive so many peoples support. Thank you guys for everything.

During his high school years, David had some success on the now-dead Vine app. After graduating, he decided to pursue a social media career and traveled to Los Angeles. His vlogs mostly showcase the hijinks that ensue between him and his friends known as the Vlog Squadand fans are eating every bit of what he was dishing out. Aside from his popular YouTube channel, David also has a podcast with fellow squad member Jason Nash, has his own merch line, Clickbait, and has a slew of advertising deals.


So, is David Dobrik dating Natalie? Both David, 21, and Liza, 22, said that the pressure of their fledgling YouTube careers was a major factor in their split. Both were rising internet stars at the time, and David says they bonded over the fact that neither of them could drink because they were underage.

The Odyssey Online adds that David was initially nervous about asking Liza out on a date, and it took him four months to get up the courage to do so. They began dating in late They did not make it public until months later, however, when they posted a photo of themselves on Instagram.

Why did YouTubers Liza Koshy and David Dobrik break up?

David and Liza. David said that they celebrated every month in their relationship as its own anniversary. Liza says that they had their first kiss on a rooftop in Los Angeles, and she picked up a bunch of gravel and put it in her pocket so as not to forget the importance of the moment.


Months later, however, the gravel went missing, and Liza was horrified over what she felt was an important memento. David told her not worry. He told her that he managed to find the gravel, and revealed that he had it ground up and placed into the center of the ring that she had just put on.

David and Liza: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Liza koshy and david dobrik still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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