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Cantu researched autistic communities online, but was disappointed by how many of them were made by non-autistics. The Art of Autism has added uneepi to our websites we like. As the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice. Can you better explain how that works and the cost involved after the first free 15 minutes of consultation? What you see is what you get. Best autism dating sites [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I had started working on the site in January and after putting together a team and building a site, we launched Beta in Novemberwhich we are currently still in. When I launched Uneepi, I had best autism dating sites that people on the spectrum can be very vulnerable. I made safety the number one priority in creating the site.

Myself and a few others on the team monitor all the people who sign up to our site. If we see any suspicious activity going on, we will delete them from our site. We have also emailed our members and told them what to watch out for.

SpectrumSingles: The Go-To Dating Site for People On the Autism Spectrum

We are also writing blogs and will be talking about safety in our podcast we just launched called Loving With Autism. Can you highlight a few success stories among your users and provide high-resolution photos for this blog?

Our members tend to keep these things to themselves, which we totally understand and want to respect their privacy. All I can say for sure is that there is a lot of back and forth communications going on between our members. Please add best autism dating sites else that you feel will help users to understand the benefits of your site.

We wanted Uneepi to be a site where we will help our members achieve their goals.

uneepi – a new online dating site for Autistics

We know how hard dating is and we want it to be easy. We offer a lot of resources to help to help make sure it is such as blogs, podcasts and the coaching. We want to be known as the go to dating site for the Autism community!

We also are always open to suggestions on what our members want on our site. Bryan Dunn is an autistic man who resides in Simi Valley. The Art of Best autism dating sites has added uneepi to our websites we like. His willingness to explore his ideas and wants in written words in this blog is a bold and wonderful effort. Brava to you, Bryan Dunn! I am lucky to know you.


I think that a dating site for Autists is wonderful. We do not discriminate against anyone and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind within the community. We want to bring everyone together. As the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice. Online Dating.

Dating on the Autistic Spectrum. Best Autistic Dating Sites

Discuss This! Bringing the Community Together. Related Topics:. Email email this! As the community grows she hopes to begin events and contests, and said they will soon start a blog and online forums discussing dating tips and entries about everyday life on the spectrum.

Contact Ema O'Connor at ema. Got a confidential tip?


Submit it here. Olivia Cantu left and her mother, Kristen Fitzpatrick. Via spectrumsingles.

Best autism dating sites [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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