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Tom R and Anonymous, it all depends on what you need, what you find valuable, and what you feel comfortable paying. Send your resumes to: cheaplabor gmail. Stephanie Leary 16 Feb 06 Wow, pile-on. How do you chat with them? Campfire chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Great job, I love it and want to make it popular!. I already poisoned a couple of friends, they like it too. I wish I had some money for testing for you. The stores campfire chat room, that everyone can access, is very handy.

After each chat, we sum up an action plan, and upload it in plain text for everyone to download. The uploads is a very handy and smart feature. Free free free! Campfire chat room should be free! We offer our services through internet so …. Does anybody know of any good business chat sites. Please contact me at allstarcountertops hotmail. NOTE: We'd rather not moderate, but off-topic, blatantly inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate or vapid comments may be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from commenting.

Let's add value. Thank you. Brad top free lesbian dating Feb 06 Good luck with this one!

I hope you make 40 trillion dollars and have a planet named after you. Michael 16 Campfire chat room 06 Sorry for the doublepost…. JF 16 Feb 06 if i want to invite a client into a room say to discuss some design mock-ups we have done, which campfire is perfect forthey get to see all the other rooms.

Turn on guest access for that room and invite them as a guest. Guests only see that one room. Rahul 16 Feb 06 Congratulations, guys. Tyler 16 Feb 06 Without sound, it is nearly impossible to multi-task. JF 16 Feb 06 Without sound, it is nearly impossible to multi-task. JF 16 Feb 06 lebreeze, we have a free 30 day trial.

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Anonymous Coward 16 Feb 06 you serious robb? Jeremy Campfire chat room 16 Feb 06 Jason - has there been any issues with seeing images from behind certain types of Firewalls? Great App. JF 16 Feb 06 Tom R and Anonymous, it all depends on what you need, what you find valuable, and what you feel comfortable paying. The value judgement is yours and yours alone.

Rabbit 16 Feb 06 37signals will need to start creating integrated pricing packages for my future business. Rabbit 16 Feb 06 Gah, how noob. Forgot to close my em tag.


David Nicol 16 Feb 06 My initial impression is that Campfire is certainly better than instant messaging for group chats. How about an option to pay for one-off group chats? IM is great for 1-on-1 chats.

We use it all the campfire chat room. Steven van Wel 16 Feb 06 Guys, awesome! Tom R. Live requirements: 1. What does Basecamp and friends require to use ALL available features? A modern browser. JF 16 Feb 06 Ok guys, we can argue about price all day. David Heinemeier Hansson 16 Feb 06 Not to argue price with you, Tom, but all paying 37s products includes space in the offering. John Topley 16 Feb 06 Looks very nice, congratulations!

Nick Campfire chat room 16 Feb 06 Jacked! JF 16 Feb 06 We may open up some more slots later today. David 16 Feb 06 I just cancelled my account; someone can step in. Damian 16 Feb 06 Where can I report bugs?

RS 16 Feb 06 Damian, you can email support at campfirenow dot com. Very frustrated :. JF 16 Feb 06 Matt, check your spam filter. Matt 16 Feb 06 check your spam filter. JF: nope - not in there. JF 16 Feb 06 Chad, see this. Very frustrating. David 16 Feb 06 you guys might want to fix guest logins. It works.

Campfire and NEW Bushcraft Series Chat - Man & Dog : Through the Newfoundland Wilderness

Chad Sakonchick 16 Feb 06 There is no destination The destination is my computer. FM 16 Feb 06 I just wish Basecamp users had been notified about the impending launch — also not to mean to the free accountsperhaps it would be nice for Basecamp users to be pushed up the list for signing up.

JF 16 Feb 06 J Lane, you have to cancel or upgrade after 30 days. Hurry up and sign up. Jorge Arango 16 Feb 06 Congratulations on another fine-looking product.

Just save them to your computer. Matt 16 Feb 06 I would like to campfire chat room a comparison not of what Campfire provides over IM but what Campfire provides over blogging with comments turned on. JF 16 Feb 06 thank you pwb. Campfire is not IM. Charlie 16 Feb 06 Ok, so what about my point about making accounts inactive instead of deleting them?

Eric 16 Feb 06 Ok yea campfire chat room campfire thing is cool, but the real question is, can we have Rails 1. Charlie 16 Feb 06 Regarding hosting data for eternity: Google does exactly that with email. Jeff Koke 16 Feb 06 Just signed up for the free account and am putting it through its paces. There are only 2 places I saw that local women pussy use improvement: 1.

Very slick. Matt 16 Feb 06 Any comments on comparing Campfire to blogging with comments? I also would love to see Campfire scale beyond 40 users. Brad 16 Feb 06 campfire vs, campfire chat room. Jeff Koke 16 Campfire chat room 06 Oops, there were 3 requests, not 2. And I thought of one more: 4. Any thoughts on this? Is it possible to use your own FTP server with the paid subscriptions?

Just curious…. JF 16 Feb 06 James, we typically keep about 30 days worth of backups. Jason Cale 16 Feb 06 I love it simple as that. Anonymous Coward 16 Feb 06 I think some people are objecting to the fact that subscritpion based, web applications are like a treadmill.

JF 16 Feb 06 If all I need is 4, why pay for 10? Stephanie Leary 16 Feb 06 Wow, pile-on. Drew Pickard 16 Feb 06 btw: If you watched the Campfire video closely frame by frame you can see Jason revealing that they will soft launch with no announcement, let people trickle in and then have a full launch soon afterwards. It looks like an excellent product, and very useful.

Rob B. RAC 16 Feb 06 Sorry about the multiple posts…the server keeps timing out. Not telling you how to run your business, just brainstorming.

James 16 Feb 06 Not a huge deal, but something to think about - I may have just payed for the entry-level plan and signed up today in order to try out the service, but you only launched the limited free trial. Thanks, -Matt. JF 16 Feb 06 Yup, Chad, we have some online dating usernames ideas there.

Thanks for the brainstorm. Why 40? David Ham 16 Feb 06 Congratulations on the launch! Ethan 16 Feb 06 beautiful im talking with Jim Coudal now in it. Basecamp makes that list. Read the full article. Campfirethe popular team communication system from 37Signals, works so well with Fluid that 37S has released an official Fluid Icon for Campfire.

Some great scripts, including Growl alerts when someone mentions your name in Campfire, can be found at Thoughtbot's blog. Reblog It 0. Campfire sounds: crickets, rimshot, and trombone Keep things light with sound effects in Campfire. How to set up 37signals Open Bar so you can quickly switch between your accounts Reminder: The 37signals Open Bar lets you quickly switch between your accounts.

How to set it up. With a clean interface, smart drag-and-drop, custom notifications and more, Propane makes Campfire chat room a joy to use on Mac OS You decide who you invite.


You set up the rooms. You specify who can see which rooms. Plus and Premium accounts also include SSL security the same as online banks. Campfire is network-agnostic and optimized for teams and groups. Campfire works with a variety of third-party customer service applications, Windows and Mac OS X desktop programs, widgets and more. At Wufoo, we believe forms are the campfire chat room point for building anything useful on the web.

The process of creating a form and all the database structures and scripts necessary to make it work not to mention useful is a really tedious process that makes what should be a simple task collecting and understanding information not really worth the time, effort, campfire chat room cost of the endeavor.

The entire process could take you or your IT person days, if not weeks. With Wufoo, you can skip all the hard stuff because it does it all for you and start getting things done.

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Why so good together? If your team's workflow and reputation relies on instant communication and rapid response times, we think you'll be excited about our recently developed integration with Campfire.

Campfire chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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