Good rules for a chat room

Don't even take it to private chat or personal messages, Mare Stare is not about 'hooking up,' and it is not allowed, even in private. Please do not share names of drugs or medication with others. Sorry to hear that Click to Contact Us. Good rules for a chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

We encourage our members to treat each other with respect. Do not threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse others. We expect the mood of rooms to remain civil at all times. For this reason, we ask that you keep personal issues in private and that you not use Official rooms as a place to fight and argue. If such an event should happen, a Community Volunteer will step in and take whatever action is deemed necessary. Because this a global community, people of many nationalities and languages can be found in the chatrooms.

To help the DeviantArt staff, all official chatrooms are English-speaking rooms only. This is so we can moderate the rooms and help people where necessary to the best of our abilities. However, there are good rules for a chat room unofficial channels which are multi-lingual for your use.

Bans are set at the discretion of the Community Volunteer setting the ban.


The minimum period for any ban is 1 day 24 hours and can be anything up to indefinite. If you have a query about a ban in an Official room, you can inquire about it through the Help Desk. The creation or use of existing accounts for the purpose of ban evasion is not tolerated and will result in the extension of the ban period, as well as a possible ban on all alternate accounts from Chat and DeviantArt itself.

Rules for Unofficial DeviantArt Chats. In general, administration of an unofficial, user-created chatroom is left to the founder and moderators that the founder chooses. Search in the website:.

Chat Room Rules and Guidelines

Share this page on: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Pressure Radio appreciates that the majority of chatters contribute to this community in a positive manor; however there are always those that go too far or wish to spoil it for others. Your feedback helps us to improve quality of the support rooms.


Users with multiple accounts can be reported in this form. If there is an emergency in the room and a Moderator is not present to assist, please fill out the emergency form to notify an on-call Moderator. You can find the form for adults here and the teen form here. Please use this form to report discussion or event that does not take place as planned. Moderators are trained volunteers. Check out what you can expect from a moderator here. Please leave compliments or feedback in the Mod Review Form.

Please do not confront moderators in the chat room or disrespect anyone due to their mod badge.

What are the rules and etiquette around Chat?

Chat Room Rules. If you cannot manage to stop chattering during a foaling or during time when someone needs help or someone is giving updates, expect to be banned, without warning.

Chat Room Rules

This is Mare Stare chat and people need to be respected. This chat is another means of communication for cam owners to get help watching their cams and mares, and if it were online dating usernames ideas for them, this chat would not be here.

Do NOT call an owner during or immediately following a birth to find out the gender of the baby. Be respectful and give them time. They will share when they are ready and the earth will not stand still if you have to wait a few hours before you know.

We understand that there are friendships formed and people want to keep in touch. There are many ways to do this and discuss non Mare Stare things, without it being in the chat room. Don't even take it to private chat or personal messages, Mare Stare is not about 'hooking up,' and it is not allowed, good rules for a chat room in private.

We do not allow any solicitation of our members in chat. This includes selling of products, asking for donations, etc. By submitting your membership form, you agree and fully understand that this site and its contents are not meant and were not developed to be viewed as trading advice or recommendations.

Chat Room Guidelines & Rules

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Good rules for a chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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