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Edited October 22, by SSD. Away from the Gurdwara the reality was often a filthy mouth, Hindu practices, no concern for sarbat da bhalla and all of god's creations etc. Log in or Sign up. Dating a sikh girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The heart, I started to realise, does not follow orders. For people who, by most standards, would be considered decent, liberal and secular, my parents were surprisingly narrow-minded about the kind of men their daughters should consort with. But who were we? There was plenty to distinguish the four members of our immediate family from each other, let alone everybody else.

My parents were born in pre-independence Kenya, when social segregation still prevailed. They grew up in a small community predisposed to look out for its own kind.


Political events saw them transplanted to Great Britain as teenagers, and no doubt the experience of living there diluted their sense of being Sikh. Consequently, my sister and Backpage women seeking men never had more than a nominal attachment to the faith. Being looked after by ayahs nursemaids from birth meant that our relationship to Africans was different, too.

My sister spoke Kiswahili before English or Punjabi. So, My question to you is: I know there is no easy way for her to tell her family. Please, I am willing to marry this girl and spend the dating a sikh girl of my life with her, could somebody tell me the best way she could inform her parents so that they understand she is happy with me and so they may accept her being happy with someone who isnt sikh.

This is killing me inside and I will be absolutely devostated to the point of going numb if I can't be with her. So please, somebody help me :' Thankyou in advance Phil. Harry Haller Panga Master. Jan 31, 5, 8, It depends on dating a sikh girl lot, first some questions, 1. Is her family deeply religious 2.

Is her family prominent in the community 3.


Are any other members of the family dating or married to non sikhs 4. The fact that She would go along with an engagement for fear of parents implies you may be more serious than her, is this the case 5.

Help! Im A White British Guy With A Sikh Girlfriend

Would you be willing to consider Sikhism and embrace it, not to marry, mcfadden dating show as a way of life regardless 6 Do you have good prospects career wise I sympathise with your predicament, but the two of you could cause some quite serious problem for each other and her family.

If the two of you are in love dating a sikh girl are willing to fight for that, its possible it could have a happy ending, but relationships are hard at the best of times without this sort of pressure, if you could give an indication to the above, we could move on to a realistic and pragmatic solution good luck.

Jun 25, 17 Hi Phil, I am a gora married to a punjabi girl, and I am going to give you some advice based on my experience. It may seem harsh, but its good advice.

I try to dating a sikh girl it when I hear guys like you, because I remember the feeling. Be a man.

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Tell her either you are introduced to her family or the relationship is over. In any case this creeping around behind the family's back is not going to earn you respect. If her dad says no, you need to respect his right over her and end it. Strongly consider ending it. It worked for me, but it was a long hard road and you still have to deal with BS.

Also, think of the children How will they culturally identify? Mixed kids can have a hard life, this is something that I worry about constantly with my daughter. You will never be fully accepted into the punjabi community.

You just wont. Make sure you are ok dating a sikh girl this. Whether it be about crime, music, tv or religion, it is human nature for people to always think things were 'so much better in the old days' and that today it is so much worse. dating a sikh girl

Interfaith Weddings at UK Sikh Temples Spur Protests

In reality dating a sikh girl, that is hardly ever the case. I think it's because who and what environment they spend their time with that influences their decision. Whatever they are goin to feel comfortable with, without pressure they will go for that. It's not like th old days where we there was fear of doing wat parents said. Nowadays there is so much freedom, and some kids think if their parents had a hard relationship then they get put off and look elsewhere. Does not matter if one is educated or uneducated as now kids have that choice of making up their own minds.

I know kids that are highly educated and they seem to be th ones that are marrying out dating a sikh girl religion. There partners are very nice people, but I see it's the environment they been living in that has them get together. I don't think its golden, I'm hearing of more interfaith marriages now than before. It's kalyug, everything has changed. Yes kids have more awareness of Sikhi than before but it doesn't mean there are less interfaith marriages.

Maybe it's about th same or more.


Also there were no classes for kids before, and as our parents came to this country they were always busy dating a sikh girl work. I'm sure if th gurdwaras had classes and taught about Sikhi rather than have committee arguments then they would have attended the classes too.

Yes kids have that chance now but it all depends on how many want to go. I think it's both same, there is more kids into Sikhi now due to the dating a sikh girl but also u got the other side too that have diverted from it also due to more freedom. So I feel it's black age with golden splashes. They should be referred to as Punjabi or some other name. But not Sikh!! Because that is a disrespect to all the good Sikh boys and girls out there that do not date anyone and everyone.

Anyone that says Sikh girls this or Sikh boys that really need to stop doing that as its getting embarrasing seeing all these threads with sikh girls this sikh girls that. Have some respect for the name Sikh. The men went to the pub to eat and play darts, the women went to friends to watch Zee TV and Bollywood films. The children grew up, and by that time they were already developed and set in their ways.

Forbidden love

The parents now sit in Gurdwaras moaning and groaning about the issues, but when they had a chance to parent, they did what I've mentioned above. Karam, Aphe beej, apeh kah. I still disagree bro with the Sikh girls holding onto our future generations. Yes majority old Sikh men who are holding onto the gurdwaras for their own benefits and not doing what needs to be done are the problem. In the future there will be a shift to new Sikh Panthic leaders who hopefully will start get things going.

As of the girls I can tell you again majority and I am saying majority are not interested in Sikhi. The way you write your post tells me that you are young, and as a finding true love sites woman who, according to your post, is not already involved with drinking and drug taking and the bad crowd, you are innocent of the ways of the world Boys will say they love you, and they might even believe it themselves, but when you are young you do not dating a sikh girl a real understanding of what love is- it's all raging hormones and who's got the cutest face Of course, you think that you have your own mind and can resist such temptations, but it is not easy to go against the crowd and the group, dating a sikh girl when you are young and your image is important and you feel that you might be missing out on something that everyone else has Focus on your education and your career.

There will be lots of time later to do what you want. Building a firm foundation for your future now is much better than doing what "childish" young people do pretending to be grown up and making big mistakes! You say- doesn't how I act and what I do matter more than praying? Personally, I reckon it matters much more, and I think you do too so, turn it on its head- dating a sikh girl kind of a mum and dad would you have is they said- "oh, it's okay for Jasmiin to date boys and have sex and take drugs and for us to know about it, but we will pray for her, and everything will be okay", dating a sikh girl.

Both you and I would say that is a stupid way to look at things, and we would be right. You seem sensible, and intelligent. Maybe sensible and intelligent is not cool, but believe me, it is the sensible and inteligent people who go furthest in life. Hope that helps you. Francis kingJul 5, With me I had one relationship, which was far distance, and I never saw him and when I did we only had time to eat and talk and then he had to head back so I ended that. When I told T I was going to university and was going to stay in a flat he was so happy because even though he understood why I could only meet up now and then and why everything was a secret he really wanted to be able to go out and do things without having to look over our shoulders all the time like holding hands, cuddles, go on dinner dates, cinemas and so on.

Even simple things like these never happened at all because I was so scared to be seen by the local people. So I moved into my new flat and he practically moved in with me and he would go work and I would go to lectures and then we would meet in the evening and enjoy our time together. When we had been going out for a year we both knew that we are made for each other, we are our best friends, lovers and soul mates and then on our 1st anniversary he asked me to marry him and he had brought his and her white gold engagement bands and of course I was out of dating a sikh girl mind with happiness and said yes.

Dating a sikh girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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