My boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating

Why was she so far along before she mentioned it? I feel very selfish but I have no one to go to. That sounds like a crappy situation but like I tell all my guy friends, don't have unprotected sex with your gf unless you are willing to take the risks He went down to the hospital to go see the baby. We talk about everything. My boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It sounds like you dodged a bullet. You sound young, awfully young to be so focused on getting married and having babies. Can you get training or education in doing something you love? And enjoy making friends and dating around before you commit to a relationship with a not so nice guy? I agree with all these ladies. This man sounds like someone who was toxic for you. Better off finding that out before marriage and kids.

Story boyfriend got another girl pregnant!!

Take this time you find out who you are as an individual. Learn new hobbies and life will progress exactly as it should. I believe that once you aren't waiting for it it will come.


The gf was pregnant. Well this was May. It hasn't been easy and we are still learning to adjust but its amazing at the same time. I wouldnt be mad at the other woman though, let that go. She moved on with her life and it sounds like you are doing the same. Focus on you, it doesnt sound like you have any attachtments with your ex so it should be a fairly clean thing to move forward from. As in sperm? I moved to another continent by myself with no family to get over someone who wasnt honest with me and i found out he had girlfriend already 5 years when we were together, we both were going to college on different schedule so he was able to hide it from me.

I even met his family and they never said anything. Just know he did you a favor, i have no regrets and my ex contacted me asking me to come back and wanted to get married, i would never do. You will forget about this idiot.

Update on long ago situation with boyfriend getting another girl pregnant

We were not together when she got pregnant but we were afterwards and he didn't tell me. Well,seems like this is a common problem,my boyfriend of six months just confessed to me today that he got a girl pregnant 2 months before meeting me and she is almost due.

It was a one night stand and the girl has a boyfriend who is a friend to my boyfriend. The girl does not want the boyfriend to know that she was unfaithful and slept with another man. She is pretending that the unborn child is for the boyfriend. Am concerned with all the secrecy around because one day the truth will come out.

My boyfriend is ready to take responsibility,he still loves me and is ready gay dating wilmington nc continue with the plans we had for our future. Am angry coz he didnt tell me earlier but chose to keep quiet even though i had asked him severally. He says he was afraid to lose me and wanted me to give him the chance to know him first.

You guys are closer than before and there is no stumbling block in the form of a step child. Am sorry for your boyfriend and his loss but evrything works out for a reason. Looks like that woman was not genuine Am still mad at my bf,av asked him to give me time to think,hopefully after my wound has healed l will let him know of my decision. Belinda i admire ua attitude and strenghth hope i can be as courageous as well.

R elationship T alk. Those may interest you: My girlfriend and mother of my 2 kids is pregnant with black guys baby My g My boyfriend has 2 baby mommas! Please Help. Can my boyfriend still love his baby mama? Boyfriend and I broke up 5 weeks ago, found out I am 8 weeks pregnant? Please help!? Those may interest you: I found my ex boyfriend from 20 years ago on facebook he's m My boyfriend and i broke up 3 weeks ago today, he started dating this girl Dating a Guy with a new born baby and dealing with the baby mama drama.

My boyfriend left me for his baby mama, now he wants me back. Those may interest you: My my boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating cheated on me with his baby mama and now she is pregnant but I still love him HELP!!

She Tried To Steal My Boyfriend

My boyfriend cheated. Got the girl pregnant. She had the baby in November. Boundaries of Baby Daddy and Baby Mama. My girlfriend found out she is pregnant by her ex after we started dating. Those may interest you: Why does my boyfriend call me baby mama. My ex and I recently started talking about two months ago af Broke up few months ago, Started talking again recently.

Last night I was sitting next to my boyfriend when he started texting someo Boyfriend will not introduce me to family or vip dating denver his ex-wife he's dating. It's been two years now since I started dating my boyfriend.

We started off My ex is pregnant with another man's baby. My girlfriend recently started talking to her ex again and I'm not sure how to approach the topic. Hi, I met my boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating guy few months ago and we started dating, all was going great Everything was good she had the baby and 10 years on I have custody of the child my ex and I haven't been together for 8 of those years i have had custody since he was 1 and she has nothing to do with the child.

It's difficult because you picture yourself having his child not someone else, but if the both of you really want to be together you will make it work somehow. Always remember that it all happend before you both got into a relationship so you can't be mad with either of them. You have chosen to stick around. It will take some adjustments but try and be as supportive to him as well as her if she will let you Good luck IM xx.

My Boyfriend Got Another Girl Pregnant Before We Started Dating, What Should I Do?

Ah get out of their! As much as you like him it's the hardest thing in the world! Happened to my boyfriend we were dating and fell in love then his one night stand before we started dating messages him saying she is 14 weeks pregnant. He got a dna test and sure enough was his.

It's been nothing but battles in court and drama and bub is now 8 months old! She was 8 months pregnant when she told him? My boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating was she so online dating usernames ideas along before she mentioned it?

Personally, I would distance myself and allow them to just adjust to the roles as mother and father. It's going to difficult and I think he needs to deal with that before the relationship. In fact, wrongly for my benefit, my partner would pick fights with his babies mother.

That fight was in a maternity ward. I cracked it and said that baby did nothing to deserve you both as parents and he's here now! Get over yourselves and do the right thing!! Now, I know that you are paranoid and insecure. Just because she's preggers doesn't automatically mean that the father wants to be with her. They had sex, it happens. Ovulation occurred and his sperm just happened to knock her up.

It happens alot. Hey I'm in a similar situation however me and my partner had been seeing for almost a year and decided to call it quits, we weren't really having problems as such, I just wanted to be more serious than him as he'd been hurt in a previous relationship.

I ended things which neither of us really wanted and I really regret now as it was kind of my way of trying to make him want to commit more. Anyway it backfired as in that time he had a one night stand. He went on holiday for a few weeks and when he came back wanted to make a proper go of things as he realised he couldn't live without me.

I was unbelievably happy as this is all I ever wanted and everything was so perfect until 5 weeks into our seemingly perfect relationship he found out the girl he slept with is pregnant. I'm so torn now as I want to be with him more than anything but now all those things I looked forward to with home, marriage, kids etc won't be as I imagined them. He is devastated by this situation but he is a nice guy and will be there for his child.

She is about 16werks pregnant now and he is adamant it was just a one night stand and he has no feelings whatsoever for this woman. I'm worried this will change when the child comes although he says it won't. I just don't know whether it's worth all he hassle or not.

I know I could love the child but it's just so hard that it took me a year to get this commitment from him and all it took was for this woman to sleep with him once and has his commitment for life. So frustrating! It's not like I can think we weren't together when it happened cos I was technically still in the picture and he both still had feelings my boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating each other.

Should I forgive him and keep going? It is not about what kind of problem that we will face, but it is more into how we overcome the problem. It will show our personality and quality as a person. It can also show your boyfriend personality, in this case.

And if you were having the same case, here is what you need to do. There are a lot of things in life that may seems so negative when we only see it from the surface and not knowing what was actually happening. And to get the credible source, you will need to ask directly to the interviewees, which is your boyfriend.

Having the conversation with your boyfriend will give you more information from one perspective side. There are so many possibilities of the problem background if you want to think and dig more.


It might have more logical reasoning such as, your boyfriend never knew that his ex girlfriend is pregnant, his ex girlfriend never wanted to tell your boyfriend that she is pregnant, and many more reasons. The fact that you just knew your boyfriend got another girl pregnant before you start dating him shows that both of you is lacking a good communication way. If you were having a good communication way with him before, you can found out that he got another girl pregnant before you were dating.

And that also means that you take that factor as a factor to consider him to be your boyfriend or not.

My boyfriend got another girl pregnant before we started dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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