How to flirt when you have social anxiety

While my fellow partygoers are helping themselves to Long Island after Long Island, I am wondering how late I have to stay before its socially acceptable to go home. At times, however, this social anxiety , fear of rejection, or shyness ends up holding some people back. I want to be able to give someone a chance. If you've known the person a while, you may continue the conversation longer. How to flirt when you have social anxiety [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I am what you would call an extroverted introvert, which is honestly the worst of both worlds in my humble opinion. There was the time I met my crush from the BC Facebook group in person the summer before freshman year, after texting back and forth with him for months.

Apparently he thought this insightful contribution would diffuse the situation, but it only made me clam up even more. I chewed on a french fry and nervously chuckled. I immediately regretted the comment the second it escaped my lips, and cursed myself for not pregaming this excruciating encounter. The second my sister disappeared, a twenty-something year old man in a military uniform slid into the seat next to me and struck up a conversation. Body language isn't an entirely reliable way to judge attraction.

The other person may be having a good time without being interested in you romantically. That's okay! Just remind yourself that they still found you to be interesting and exciting.


Make eye contact with the person. Eye contact is a powerful tool. Keep contact for seconds before glancing away. If the other person makes similar eye contact back, it may be a good sign. If you find them looking back, it may mean that you can approach them. Eye contact alone does not mean that the other person is interested in you.

If you find someone making eye contact with you, look for other body language signs before making a move. Method 3. Practice flirting with people every day.

Flirting is a skill, and like any skill, it requires practice. Try some mild flirting every day with someone new. Talk to the cashier at the grocery store, make a joke to someone on the bus, or go out to a bar after work.

What are social anxiety symptoms and how can we manage them?

Meet people through online dating. Flirt with people through the chat function by discussing your interests, complimenting them, or using fun emojis. It may be easier to flirt with them in person since you have already spoken for a while. Online dating can also help you learn how to handle rejection. Celebrate whenever you flirt with someone.

Read This If Social Anxiety Really Fucks With Your Dating Life And It Sucks

Remind yourself that you took a big step and encourage yourself to keep going. This can help you process the events and work out your nerves. The first time you flirt with someone, give yourself a reward, like dessert or a new video game. Avoid dwelling on rejection.

There are many how to flirt when you have social anxiety why someone may not want to flirt back. Instead of thinking about the rejection, focus on how brave and confident you were when you flirted with them. If you find yourself replaying it in your head, go do something that will keep you busy, such as exercising or talking to a friend. Remind yourself that there are plenty of other wonderful people in the world. Treat your social anxiety with the help of a mental health professional.

Talk to your therapist about your concerns with flirting and dating. They may be able to coach you through these interactions. When you're ready, they may even suggest a group setting for your therapy to help you get more comfortable with these interactions.

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Tips Sometimes, bringing a friend as a wingman can help you flirt with someone. If your social anxiety is severe, go slowly. Start just by talking and meeting new people. Work your way up to flirting. Edit Related wikiHows. We feel like all eyes are on us and that everyone else at the party or bar is watching us miserably fail at flirting. We may even rehearse what we would say in a specific situation in order to decrease the possibility of humiliation.

Our heart rates speed up when an attractive human attempts to pursue things further. Our brains fill our minds with negative thoughts. Or blush or stutter.


We sometimes find ourselves embellishing just to get people off our backs. Sometimes we feel so uncomfortable we want to flee the scene.

Everyone is different when it comes to dating with social anxiety.

How to flirt when you have social anxiety [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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