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It happened for me. Hello Catherine, we have no financial info for any member but please email us directly and we can assist you. Never been happier and looking forward to a great life with my love. Of course you can stop your payments , just cancel the recurring billing you set up. Love your accent dating site [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It's been very hard for expats in the recession. Only the strongest survived, really, and so many people we know went home. I remember my husband and I went out for dinner love your accent dating site night, and I turned to him and said: "What happened to all our friends? Saying that, last time I went back, when I went on a BBC breakfast show to talk about the website, I have to say I felt like a fish out of water.

I like life meet russian guys online Florida. And if I feel I can't stand seeing any more Mickey Mouse T-shirts and flip flops, we just hop on a plane.

After all, New York is only a few hours away. Telegraph International Money Transfer. Expat Wealth. Telegraph Wine Shop. Before You Go. Expat Money. Expat News. Expat Life. Expat Property. Expat Health. Expat Education. Expat Email Bulletin. Brian Melican.

Helen Russell. Sarah Bladen. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Love your accent dating site links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Sunday 28 July Free sites attract free people and of course the scammers. Premium members can communicate back and forward with ease, its just the free people who dont want to pay for anything that object.

If we make it free, you will be bombarded with emails from every Nigerian scammer in the world confessing undying love for you although he has never net you. If we are doing something wrong, i suggest you check out the success stories page.

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Some people just expect everything for nothing, they should stick to Facebook. If people are not willing to spend the cost of a glass of wine a month for the chance of meeting someone in another county, what hope id there for a long distance relationship.

Usually complaints come from ex employees having a wind up. Worst customer service ever! Online chat tango room cancelled my account and ILYA still charged me!

My experience with ILYA was unsatisfactory as well. I tried to cancel on the last day of my subscription, but saw that Paypal had already deducted payment at 3 a. I asked for a refund and was appalled by the unprofessional response.

A quick Google search will show that there are numerous complaints about payment. Plus, the web design and the navigation are clunky and unattractive. Even free sites look better. The user base really is small, so I carefully sifted through the many untouched for months profiles to find girls I love your accent dating site interested in.

So I left a comment on my profile asking how communication can be facilitated if both parties are expected to pay. Not long after that, my account was suspended, and I received a snarky email from Rochelle. I tried to reiterate my position, but it fell on deaf ears, and her responses became increasingly rude. And to think that I really was about to pay to contact others—utterly worthless if the girls have to pay just to be able to read what I would send them. That's how it love your accent dating site on dating sites.


But while my account was canceled, suddenly I was getting all of these messages from attractive girls. The first couple of times this happened, I fell for it, and signed up again. These girls never responded to my reply.


I am convinced that the site attempts to lure you back with fake messages. I think that's wrong. So, I have cut ties with the site, asked for my profile to be deleted and will never sign up again. I will also take every opportunity to post a review like this so other people know. I have a major problem when a company tries to create revenue by lying to or misleading customers, and I refuse to stand by and do nothing about it.

I had to call the bank and cancel my card to stop them from taking my money no way to close your account or stop payment emails went unanswered. As a man living in rural N Dakota, I was so excited to find this love your accent dating site. I was optimistic but not expecting too much. Thank you Audrey and Max. I joined last year, left and then came back.

In September I started talking to a girl from Arkansas and we met 2 weeks ago It seems impossible to unsubscribe to the website. My emails are constantly ignored. I had 1 reply once and they said they cancelled my subscription; they did not.

I eventually just blocked their future attempts via PayPal AND my bank, and also am pursuing a legal case regarding refunds for the past year. It's also worth noting that everyone I spoke to contacted me first, and really liked my profile then vanished. They were all unable to hold a conversation, missing most of my questions and forgetting what I had said previously i, love your accent dating site. Their chat rooms are as empty as the wild west.

Terrible customer support non existent and bad website design. Quirky looked for quirky and found her on here. Who would have thought we would ever meet? Now she says y'all and I say pet Unlike almost everyone else, I had used other dating sites.

To anyone who loves Love your accent dating site like I do and wondered if it was possible to truly find love online It happened for me. My name and email are available if anyone wants to ask me anything. Good luck to all and happy holidays.

I met my wife here; I recommended it to a buddy and he is dating someone from here as well. Everyone says they have never done this before, I have but this time it worked.

For a little girl in Ohio to be in love with a boy from Manchester Manchester United I am so happy to have found this site, do not get sucked in by bad reviews I admittedly am being a little sneaky in the review as I need to get hold of admin and wonder what the average time is to get response and also if there is a another email address to use? Many thanks and keep up the good work ILYA. I have found this site to be pretty good, admin were helpful when I could not add my photos.

Also unlike other sites, this is not a site just for sex or friends with benefits. I am in a relationship, early days but more than hopeful. Cheers mates lol. I notice most of the positive reviews are from women and this is not surprising given most dating sites favor women. I'll sum up my experience. The website itself is not set up well and I quickly discovered that many women hadn't been active on the site for 2 weeks best dating advice funny a month, which is not a good sign.

My chief complaint is getting flirts from women who would then either not respond or only respond with a short sentence and not offer any relevant content or even mention their name. This seems very contradictory and aroused my suspicion that something was not right.

After the fourth time, I chose not to respond and attempted to delete my profile, which I could not do. I get the impression that some of these women either work for ILYA or get some kind of kickback for sending out flirts in an effort to retain a level of engagement.

Rochelle Peachey, expat dating guru

It's very easy to get sucked in emotionally but I'm going with logic and reason to distance myself from both disingenuous people and questionable business practices by ILYA. Maybe I failed to mention it because I had no idea I was removed from the site, meaning there was no communication from ILYA reprimanding me for bad behavior.

I basically removed myself from the site. And as for "frightening" a member, I'll state exactly what I did that was so heinous.

I posted a photo of a chameleon and added the definition of chameleon to my profile. The individual I love your accent dating site went by the name "Chameleon" and I was essentially calling her out on the ethics of her behavior.

So, I hardly consider that to be worthy of that degree of jokes for single guys. It's just further testimony that supports my original complaint.

The defense rests. I still have all my emails dealing with ILoveYourAccent, so I welcome any representative from this dating site to challenge my claims below. Customer service answered my report of this by asking my username. I gave it to them, and that was the last I ever heard on the matter.

Never resolved, no sign of there being any effort to resolve it. However, Love your accent dating site could not find any link on the website that clearly led to a subscription cancellation. So, again, I wrote to customer service, this time asking what I needed to do to cancel my subscription and not be charged for the upcoming month.

Needless to say, when the next month rolled around, I was automatically charged for another month. I informed PayPal of this deceit, and they said they wouldn't intervene because the theft from my account had already happened -- it wasn't something they could stop.

Finally, after I changed the text in my dating site profile from personal details to telling other people about what ILoveYourAccent did to me, I suddenly got a response from them what a surprise! They cancelled my subscription then, but they also said they sent me an email earlier telling me how to cancel it on my own.

Love your accent dating site [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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