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Do an Internet search for whatever interests you plus Miami or South Florida to find your people. The Knight Foundation has a twice-monthly business networking breakfast. Consider an informal dinner party. Everyone sits at a big table as the chef walks you through your courses, so it should be easy to chat with your hopefully single neighbors. Places to meet people in miami [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

For a locals-only experience, head to Gramps on Wednesday nights for Bingo With Miss Toto, hosted by the stiletto-wearing, gender-bending hostess Miss Toto. Things are known to get wild between number calling, so use the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Bring your friends and make it a girls night out. Not all hotel pools in Miami have Vegas-style parties on the weekends. Some, like Atton Brickellare laidback and open places to meet people in miami locals who are interested in lounging poolside on a weekend afternoon.

Miami offers plenty of tech and fashion events where like-minded locals can come together and connect socially and romantically. To find more citywide gatherings, check out our list of Miami networking events. Want more? Virginia Gil is the Miami editor and Markets editor-at-large.


Double Stubble is inclusive, racy and—above all—a freaking blast. Double Stubble is a great queer party but the crowd is inclusive and no matter your orientation, you should be able to meet some fun people here. Places to meet people in miami waterfront bar is never not crowded and has a surprisingly eclectic crowd.

The Wharf is tight enough to mingle but open enough to find a seat and have a conversation. The DJ keeps people dancing and the bar keeps them happy.

An outdoor space with music, food and plenty of great, free programming. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Where to meet singles in Miami 1. When you're moving to Miami, Florida, sometimes you have to take the initiative and organize your own social events. Consider an informal dinner party. Invite anyone interesting you've met since you've arrived and ask them to bring another interesting person or two.

Serve pasta and salad, or other easy and inexpensive dishes, so you can focus on the conversation. Ask your guests to bring beer and wine. Collect contact information so you can invite the guests to future dinner parties, encouraging them to bring friends so you can keep widening your social circle. If you sing or play an instrument, participating in a chorus flirt fashion stockholm community orchestra is a great way to meet other music lovers.

You could attend a business networking event every night in Miami if you were so inclined. Start with your own professional organizations and then branch out. With a very places to meet people in miami social calendar, you will always get to bump into new people wherever you go.


Miami is also home to many meetup communities, the perfect place to look for new friends when new to a city. One of the most effective ways of beating stress in our places to meet people in miami lives is to learn the art of yoga. Yoga is holistic as it heals both the mind the body. Miami has its own groups of devoted yogis and you could become part of any yoga studio or club in town.

It will help you to remain healthy and active and give you a chance to make new friends, with a similar interest. If you are a book lover you would enjoy meeting others who share the same passion for reading as you a book club would ideal. If you are keen to make friends with others fond of reading the Miami Book Fair is the place to head.

It hosts a plethora of book readings, arts, food and community events attended by thousands of book lovers from the city and even beyond. As a member you get to be part of all these events and chance to socialize and get earn new friendships.

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If you are a budding wine aficionado keen to learn about many different wines, learn to distinguish between brands, in short, learn the nitty-gritty of all things related to wine, sign up as a member of a wine club.

It will be the perfect opportunity to get to interact with wine professionals and learn in-depth about the subject.

Where to meet singles in Miami far away from dating apps

Places to meet people in miami [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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